Friday, October 30, 2009

Muslim Hijabi- Muna Abusulayman

Muna Abusulayman is a media personality from the Middle East. She is one of the founding co-hosts of one of MBC TV's most popular programs called, Kalam Nawaem. The show is hosted by four women and covers a wide range of topics mainly concerning women. Issues addressed are: terrorism, domestic violence, polygamy, divorce, and many more.

In 2005 Muna Abusulayman became the first woman in Saudi Arabia to be appointed by the United Nations Development Programs as a Goodwill Ambassador.

She is a highly sought after public speaker. She often addresses high level international conferences, business meetings and corporations. She often appears as a panelist at the Davos World Economic Forum, Jewish Economic Forum, Brookings Institute Conferences and many others.

Muna Abusulayman has many different roles and keeps herself busy speaking on a wide range of issues. She is a role model for women everywhere and she shows that you can wear the hijab and still be successful! She's absolutely beautiful in the hijab and sets a great example for the rest of the Muslim population.

This goes to show that the hijab does not limit you, you only limit yourself. May sisters see this and know that wearing the hijab is beautiful and a wonderful thing to do and be apart of.

May Allah reward her for all of her hard work and continue to guide her on the straight path. Ameen!

~Hijabi Butterfly

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