Saturday, February 4, 2012

Al Jumuah Magazine

Assalaam Alakium!

Finally it's Saturday! What are you all up to today? After the Writer gets back from some video production stuff we're going to visit family. Maybe I'll bring them some of the red velvet cake pops I made! :)

I love to bake, especially fun things like cake pops. Yesterday was my first time making them, I need to tweak a few things and then inshAllah I'll do a how-to post. 

On another, healthier note, I wanted to discuss a magazine I'm subscribed to, Al Jumuah. Before I was Muslim I subscribed to all of the big magazines one of which was Cosmo. After becoming Muslim I went on the hunt for an Islamic magazine that was available here in the United States. I found a few that were for sisters but they had gone out of business before I could subscribe to them. :( Last year I finally found Al  Jumuah and I subscribed immediately. They always have a great range of articles to read like family matters, Quranic miracles, fatwas on frequently asked questions and plenty more. I highly recommend this magazine for those of you who subscribe to magazines.

I love getting a new issue in the mail each month. The articles are so informative that I saved them in sheet protectors and put them in a binder for future reference. InshAllah, in the future I plan on doing some feature posts on topics discussed in this magazine. Is this something you are interested in? 

Spotlight on hadith:

"Do you know what is better than charity, fasting and salah (prayer)? It is keeping peace and good relationships between people, as quarrels and bad feelings destroy mankind." (Bukhari and Muslim)

Do you subscribe to any magazines? Is Al Jumuah one of them?
What kinds of posts would you like to see here?

Have a great morning!


~Hijabi Butterfly~

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