Monday, February 6, 2012

Hijabi Dress Code...What is it?

Assalaam Alakium!

How's Monday treating you all? I just wanted to stay under the covers this morning, it was chilly here in Houston! I ran a few errands already this morning, all that's left is to write a blog! I had trouble thinking of a topic this morning until I thought about what I was going to wear today. The hijabi dress code...what is it? 

I'm sure a lot of you have seen that picture shared around the internet. This is a good visual description of what hijab means. The word hijab just means to cover, the veil covering the hair is just one part of the hijab. Also, as a side note, men have their own "hijab" dress code they must live by (must cover shoulders, belly button to knees).

A Muslimah has options though, she doesn't just have to wear an abaya (long dress). She can wear pants as long as they are loose and cover her appropriately. I'd also like to point out here that no where in the Qur'an or hadith does it say women are not allowed to wear pants. I do recommend if you are going to wear pants that you wear a slightly longer shirt like a tunic type, I wear this a lot. Another style I like to wear is loose pants with a dress over it, it's both comfortable and stylish. 

And of course a nice skirt is a great option as well. 

As for the veil, it's really up to you. Make it your own! If my clothes are neutral colored I usually wear a colored hijab. You can get really creative with how you wrap it as well. There are a bunch of YouTube tutorials showing how to wear different styles. 

As for makeup, keep it simple if you are going out. If you're staying in, go all out! I love playing around with makeup so I play around with bright colors while I'm staying home, the Writer (my husband) likes the change. If you miss doing your hair on a daily basis try different styles while at home! Hair styling was a big part of my "look" before I became Muslim and it was hard giving that up but now I just do my hair for the Writers benefit, as while as my personal creativity. 

Just remember to be yourself while staying within the fold of Islam. You don't want to completely change the way you look (unless of course you want to). Ease into different styles you want to try and inshAllah your transition will be easy. It took me over a year after becoming Muslim to finally wear a skirt. I never wore them before becoming Muslim so this was a style I needed to ease into. 

What is your favorite style to wear?
Please share in the comments any tips you have for new Muslimahs in the transition into wearing the hijab. 

Have a great day everyone, inshAllah I'll be back later. 


~Hijabi Butterfly~

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