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Top Ten Reasons why Jesus CAN NOT be God.

Top Ten Reasons Why Jesus (pbuh) Cannot be God. Summary!!


The Deen Show
Joshua Evans- Former Christian Youth Minister

Facts In Islam about Jesus (pbuh)

-Muslims love Jesus

-Muslims believe in Jesus

-Jesus was a messenger of God.

Note: You cannot be a Muslim if you do not accept that Jesus was a messenger of God.

In Descending Order

10. God Cannot be Born - God was not born or created. Jesus was born and created. God has no beginning or ending. God created life so he is not subjected to life. Making God subject to life is making him lesser than. Jesus and God cannot be the same.

9. There are no explicit verses in any spiritual text including the Bible that states Jesus is or was God.

In Isaiah 46:9 God states, "For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me"

Jesus says, here oh Israel the Lord our God is but one and there is no one else

If Jesus was indeed the son of God, God would be explicit about it. God does not beat around the bush. If Jesus being the son of God was the way to salvation, then God would be very explicit about it. Jesus would have clearly said I am God and I'm here to save you from your sins. Did he say that??

God is explicit (clear) about himself and his characteristics. God does not beat around the bush about himself, simply because he does not want it to be too complicated that someone would not understand!!

Note: You can make any spiritual text (including the Holy Quran) say what you want it to if you pick and choose verses out of them.

8. No one has ever seen God in any time


-No one has ever seen God

-People saw Jesus

-No one can see God in this life.

"I and the father are one" –is speaking in terms of purpose. God and Jesus were one in purpose. They had the same mission. Jesus was simply a representative of God.

God is too great to be put into a box labeled with worldly characteristics and descriptions. Putting God in a box and giving him humanly characteristics is making him less then he is. God is simple too great to be seen by us.

7. This concept was not taught by Jesus (the concept being he was the son of God or even God himself)

Jesus went to the temple and worshiped God the same way the other messengers of God did. If Jesus was the son of God or God himself he would have built his own place of worship and told people to go and worship him. Did Jesus ever do this??

Jesus fell down on his knees and prayed to God. Why would Jesus fall down and pray to himself??

The trinity is no where in the Bible! The 1st and 2nd Century Christians worshiped God and thought of Jesus as their prophet. They considered themselves to be practicing Jews. In the 3rd century was when the trinity was developed. (So Jesus didn't preach the trinity!!) In 325 AD there was the Council of Nicea where all of the Bishops and Scholars of the time formed the doctrine of the trinity and said this is something we have to believe in. Paul said this is a doctrine we must follow. Paul never say Jesus, walked with Jesus, eat, slept, prayed with Jesus. Paul came up with the concept of the trinity and the word Christian when he had a vision on his way walking to go persecute the Christians!! Paul was the first to come up with the word Christian, trinity, and Jesus being the begotten son of God.

1st John 5:7 "For there are three that bear witness in heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one."

Almost all Biblical scholars have taken out this verse because it was not found in the first manuscripts of the Bible. This verse was not in the Bible until after 1200. (man made verse)

6. Jesus eat, slept, and prayed.

We know God does not eat, sleep, or pray. God is self sufficient he does not need anything to survive. God made the creation he does not need what he has made.

We know that Jesus eat, slept, and prayed. If Jesus wouldn't have eat he would have died he was dependent on these things just like all of us. He prayed for help from God, he was in need of prayer.

5. Jesus claimed that Gods knowledge is Greater then his.

If the trinity is true how can one know something with out the others knowing?

Jesus said that he is less then God. God has knowledge of everything, If the trinity was true how can one be greater then the other if they are all the same? The trinity can no be explained to everyone. The concept should be able to be explained to everyone weather they are illiterate or not. Everyone should be able to understand the concept of God.

Trinity: ??

1+1+1= 1 ? No it equals 3

3 carriages with 1 person split into 3!!

God says even in the Bible that he is no the author of confusion. What is the trinity? (confusion)

4. Jesus explicitly states that he is not God!

John 17:3 Jesus says he has been sent from God to teach people about God and for them to know God.

Jesus clearly states that he will ascend to God, you God and my God. Jesus would not have ascended into himself!

3. "Son of God" is not an exclusive title to Jesus

Adam is called the son of God. Even everyday people are called the sons of God. Jesus did not have a father but either did Adam or Eve.

Adam and Eve did not have a father or a mother. So if anyone had the "exclusive" title of "son of God" it would have been Adam.

Jesus was not sent to the whole entire world. Jesus was sent to the Children of Israel. Every nation has a prophet sent to help them.

Note: Muslims must believe that Mary was the most pious women to ever be on Earth Surah 19 Maryam in the Quran describes the miraculous birth of Jesus (pbuh) .

2. God Cannot Change

In Malachi God says I do not change.

Gods nature does not change. God is not subjected to hunger, time, thirst ext. So God does not become hungry, thirsty, ext.

God cannot go to hell or heaven. God does not die his attributes do not change.

He is the truthful: He cannot lie

He is merciful: He can no be unmerciful

He is the most just: He cannot be unjust.

God is simply perfect. Anything that will make God less then God he cannot do. That is why the trinity does not work, God is consistent. God cannot be one and then change to three. God cannot change from one thing to another. God does not change!


God does not die

God does not have Children

God does not have human needs

1. God is the essence (object) of worship.

If Jesus were God he would have told people to worship him.

In Matthew 15 and 18 He told people in vain you will worship me. You will teach in doctrines made by men.

God will ask Jesus (pbuh) on the day of judgment if he told people to worship him and Jesus will say of course not you know that I did not.

Jesus did not like when people called him master. He would say the master is God not me.

Adam, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Muhammad… all of Gods prophets worshiped one God.

~Hijabi Butterfly

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