Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why Muslims do NOT celebrate Halloween

Today children and adults a like are dressing up in a wide range of costumes celebrating Halloween. Children will start to go door to door receiving candy from strangers when the sun goes down. Adults will go to parties and drink alcohol in celebration of this day. Should Muslims engage in these activities as well? Simply put, NO.

Halloween is a Celtic tradition referring to the rituals involving dead spirits and devil worship. Celtic's believed this day symbolized the beginning of the ancient Druid's New Year, on which the dead revisit their homes. Overall, Halloween represents the devil worshiper's New Year. Again, should Muslims celebrate Halloween?

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, "Whosoever resembles a people is from them." This statement prohibits Muslims from imitation of the unbeliever. Muslim's who engage with the non-Muslims in their celebrations, is asking for the wrath of Allah and going down the wrong path.

As Muslims we believe in pure monotheism that there is only ONE God (Allah) and there is no other being like Him. Allah has no partners nor does he need any partner. He is ONE and ONE alone. As Muslims we believe this. Then why should be participate in a celebration of the unbelievers?

My point is as Muslims we should want to obey Allah's wishes and commands. By celebrating a Celtic holiday of the unbelievers we are not obeying HIS commands. Instead of celebrating Halloween distance yourself from all of the activities and read the Quran and Sunnah, understand why it is important not to imitate the people we strive not to be like.

Instead of letting our children engage in these activities stay home with them and teach them the importance of Islam and our holidays. Tell them in a sincere way why as Muslims we cannot and do not celebrate the holidays of others. This will inshAllah help them understand that Islam is unlike any other religion and as Muslims we need to obey Allah and keep to His commands.

Only by Allah will we go to paradise. Lets not waste our short time on Earth celebrating the holidays of the unbelievers. Instead lets learn about OUR deen and how we can improve as Muslims.

~Hijabi Butterfly

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