Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Butterfly of the week: Blue Morpho

The colorful blue morpho is this weeks butterfly of the week. The blue morpho is a neotropical butterfly and is commonly found in South America and other warm regions of the world. These beautiful creatures come in blue and green metallic shades. The color comes from the butterflies wings, they reflect the sunlight and give off those beautiful shades of blue and green.

These butterflies tend to live alone, even during mating season. They are commonly found in the forest but often venture out into the warm sun to warm themselves. The blue morpho life's span is about 137 days.

The adult blue morpho's have few predators since they poisonous compounds that build up during their caterpillar stage.

Overall, these butterflies are beautiful and a treasure to have on Earth. I can't imagine how great they would look in real life.

~Hijabi Butterfly

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