Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Every Muslim's Must Have Item

Assalaam Alakium lovelies!

I'm always shocked when I hear or notice that a Muslim does not have an Azan clock or prayer clock in their home. It's such a vital piece of my home and keeps me on track. I know some of you use your phone as an Azan clock or simply just know when the prayer times are but despite all of that I still feel that having an Azan clock is completely necessary. 

When I first started learning about Islam and started learning how to pray I would hand write all of the prayer times down on a piece of paper. I began to memorize when each prayer would come in and I still usually know when the prayer comes in within a few minutes. It's a part of my life now. I plan my day around prayer times. Alhamdulliah, I have a job that is flexible with me so I can shape my work time around prayers. If I need to run errands I will wait until the next prayer is due, than go, of course if it's two hours away I'll go but you get the point. 

The thing I love most about having an Azan clock in my home is that it keeps me in touch with Allah. If I'm deep into a television show, reading or whatever it may be, the second I hear the Azan I try my best to stop what I'm doing and listen. It's also encouraged to repeat what the Mu'aththin (the reciter of the call to prayer or the prayer clock) says. There are du'as you can say after the Azan is called as well and this is also strongly encouraged. 

I have this one!
Having an Azan clock in your home will also help you in getting up for fajr prayer which is probably the most neglected prayer of the day for a lot of us. It's tough getting up early even more so if you don't have a type of alarm clock to wake you up. This is where the Azan clock will be super handy. I highly encourage you all to try and buy one. You can purchase a simple one for $20, I have this type or buy a fancier one for more money. One tip though, make sure before you buy the Azan clock that it has your city pre-programmed into it this way you don't have to manual adjust the times and it will change on it's own on a daily basis. Super, super handy!

This one is way more fancier, it includes a remote!
So go out and buy an Azan clock, it will be a great investment, trust me. Do any of you NOT have an Azan clock in your home? If so, why? Do you live near a Masjid and hear the Azan from there? Please share below. 

Have a great afternoon!


~Hijabi Butterfly~


  1. no i don't have an azaan clock sis but after reading this post im gonna buy one =) jazakAllah

  2. Assalaam Alakium sis, I'm glad this post was of some help to you. Wa'iyyakum, thanks for reading. =)