Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Assalaam Alakium!

How's it going? I finally figured out how to write a post via test message yesterday! InshAllah, that will be something I can use in the future when I'm not near a computer. I'm home for the day and don't have much planned. Maybe some meal planning? 

Now for today's focus on post, slow and steady wins the race. I remember thinking that I had to learn everything about Islam before I converted. I insisted on learning how to pray and even fasted two complete Ramadans before I even took my shahada (declaration of faith). Of course now, I know I should have just converted as long as I read the Qur'an, which was when I knew Islam was the truth. 

Whenever I meet a new Muslim or someone who plans on converting I always mention to take Islam a day at a time. I pretty much tell them to do the opposite of what I did. Simply because tomorrow is never promised. I spent two years learning as much as I could about Islam and hadn't even took my shahada yet, Alhamdulliah for everything though. 

There are so many aspects of Islam to learn and it can be pretty overwhelming if you try to learn it all in a few years. You never stop learning until the day you die so pace yourself. It's better to learn slowly and master what you learn than learn everything so quickly you forget it all. Try to find support from friends who can relate to you. Everyone learns in their own way, so be patient with yourself. If you are struggling with something (like praying) find someone you are comfortable with to help you out. It's a lot easier to learn with a friend than by yourself. 

Certain aspects of Islam come easier for some but can be a huge challenge to others. For example, prayer and fasting came easy to me while the hijab was something I had to get used to. I needed to "warm up" to the idea of wearing it. It took me six months to start wearing the hijab full time. It's important to do what is easiest for you and to not compare yourself with other Muslims. Make du'a (supplication) that Allah will make it easier for you and guide you on the straight path. 

"If we learn one new thing about our Deen (way of life) every day, we open our minds to a better day."

What tips would you give a new Muslim in regards to acquiring knowledge?

Have a wonderful day!


~Hijabi Butterfly~


  1. Great post, sister! It's true to take babysteps when you accept Islam. A lot of converts get so excited that they have the truth in their hands, so they go on a binge of learning all they can. In the end it could lead to overload. So great advice!

  2. Thanks for the input brother, May Allah reward you. :)