Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Dear Memory

Assalaam Alakium sisters!

Just a little random butterfly love =)

InshAllah your Sunday has been a blessed one! It's been pretty chill over here. The Writer is watching basketball while I'm listening to the Purpose of Life presented by Khalid Yasin. I'm going to be sending it to my mother inshAllah. Which brings me to the purpose of this blog. I'll always have a fond memory of Khalid Yasin.

In the winter of 2007 I began really learning about Islam. I had just started reading the Qur'an and understanding Islam. I had a tremendous amount of respect for Islam and was deeply considering converting. I was invited by some of my Muslim friends to attend an Islamic lecture. I was nervous thinking I wouldn't "fit in" or that I needed to "look" a certain way. I assumed I would be looked down upon if I didn't cover my hair. 

Despite all of my reservations, I went, as I was. As we walked into the room where the lecture was going to take place, I was flooded with smiles and hugs from sisters. They were all so welcoming to me and kindly asked me about myself. It was really a overwhelming feeling for me, you see, I never felt that way before. I felt like I belonged even though I had tight jeans and my hair showing. Despite all of that, they welcomed me.  

As the lecture began, I seen this African American brother walk up to the front. I immediately felt the respect the audience gave him. At the time, I had no idea who he was even though I'm sure I had watched a few of his videos on YouTube. Throughout the lecture/talk he never made me seem inferior. And I say this because I was sitting up front, not wearing the hijab and was clearly a non Muslim. He was presenting his idea for a television network and talked a little about the purpose of life.

At the end, he asked if anyone wanted to accept Islam. My friends who brought me asked me if I wanted to take my shahada at this time but I wasn't quite ready. I knew that Islam was the truth but I was overwhelmed by the amount of people in the room. I was scared that I'd mess up the Arabic and look like a fool. I let my insecurities get the best of me that night, nonetheless I was still respected and welcomed. 

Even though I didn't take my shahada that night, I still remember how I felt. I always look to that night when I run across Muslims who aren't very welcoming. The group of sisters at the event were amazing. May Allah bless them all. Ameen. Whenever I watch or listen to a lecture by Khalid Yasin I remember that night. 

I recommend that you all listen or watch the Purpose of Life. Give it to your family members, Muslim or not. This is beneficial to all of us. We can never remember Allah too much. 

Have any of you listened to this lecture? If so, would you give this to a non Muslim?

Have a great night!


~Hijabi Butterfly~

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