Thursday, February 2, 2012

Working out...hijabi style!

Assalaam Alakium!

Good morning, it's almost lunch time around here though! I've spent my morning looking for a good photography book. I plan on buying the new Canon Rebel T3i inshAllah, I'm so excited! Any photographers out there?

This morning I got a quick 30 minute workout in at the gym and it occurred to me that I should write a blog about working out as a hijabi. I know some sisters struggle with keeping up the dress code of the hijab and being comfortable working out. I usually wear something like this:

Just a comfortable Al-Amira hijab (two pieces that slip right on), loose pants and a long shirt. The above picture was taken at the park with my adorable sister in law. Love her! For sisters who wouldn't feel comfortable with this style, I would try wearing loose pants and a really long tunic that goes down to the knees so you can still jog or go on the elliptical. I wouldn't recommend going super stylish with the hijab though, keep it simple. You don't want to keep adjusting it, that will ruin your workout for sure!

Another thing I do to be more comfortable at the gym is I pick times when the gym is the least crowded. Alhamdulliah, my gym rarely ever gets crowded, but if yours does, choose a time that works with you as well as a time where you won't have to go to battle for an available treadmill. 

Whatever it is, just find something that makes YOU comfortable. When you're comfortable you'll have a great workout. It's no fun worrying about what others think of you or if your clothing is appropriate. I want to add that if you see a hijabi at the gym SAY SALAAMS and possibly get to know her, she could become your new workout buddy! Also, don't ever judge another Muslimah on what she is wearing, we are all at different stages and can often get discouraged if someone confronts us in a inappropriate way. We need to give our fellow Muslimahs some credit. We were all "there" once. 

Have a good afternoon, inshAllah I'll be back with another post later. 

Do you go to the gym? If so, what clothing do you wear?
Are there "sisters only" gyms in your area? 
What tips do you have to make the gym a more comfortable place?


~Hijabi Butterfly~

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